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The Islamic Way of Life

47th Annual Conference

December 21-24, 2017

The Islamic Way of Life


Why talk about Islamic way of life?


How we live our lives is the sum total of all our actions and behaviors, and is the culmination of our thoughts, beliefs, and values. Our way of life, in turn, forms our character, determines our identity, and impacts our spirituality. The idea of the Islamic way of life is therefore a framework we can use to see how close we are to the teachings of the Prophet and the Quran.

Why focus on family?


amily ties and values have become increasingly underrated in our modern age. Recognizing the importance in securing our familial relationships and ensuring strong connections strengthens not only our communities, but empowers Islamic society as a whole.

This year we will explore the aspects that bring importance to family both on the scale of our immediate blood relations and our Islamic family as a whole. This is in continuance with our five year long series on the Islamic way of life. Last year’s topic of identity leads to this year’s theme on family in which we examine and explore difficult questions, discuss concepts, and build ourselves into beacons of justice for our community.

Join us for this year’s conference in San Francisco, as we explore challenges to the Muslim family and our future as a community.

An Interactive Approach

Rather than listening to a string of speeches, however excellent the speakers may be, we feel it is more engaging to wrestle with the issues directly by bringing your various experiences and thoughts to the table and working on finding the true solutions together.

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