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49th Annual Conference

The Ummah of Imam Mahdi (aj)

December 20-23, 2019

Washington D.C.








49th Annual Conference

A Message from The Organizers

We find ourselves living in a world where the dominant culture spreads falsehood, destroys the spirit, and enables vast injustices. This culture influences every aspect of how we live our lives. To find freedom, we should ask the question, how would we live if every dimension of our life was rooted in Tawhid, the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet, and the leadership of the Ahlul Bayt?

Four years ago we started discussing the Islamic way of life, starting from inner dimensions, then stepping outward layer by layer, reaching the global level. Islamic life on a global level is inextricably linked to the concept of the Ummah, which is intrinsically connected to the Imam of the Age. With this frame in mind, let’s candidly confront the problems we face on the ground and find ways to battle oppression, misinformation, and cultural misguidance.

The MSA-PSG Team



Victory in Islam: a Quranic Promise Manifested through Activism

As Muslims living in the West, it is crucial that we recognize the qualities that identify followers of the Prophetic tradition, an Islamic lifestyle taught through the promises of God in the Quran and acted on by Islam’s code of activism in action. In this workshop, we take a practical approach to implementing this lifestyle by connecting Islam in theory to Islam in action.

Developing Spirituality in Children

In this workshop we will be discussing what the parental role/responsibility in this crucial endeavor is. How can children learn to develop a meaningful connection with their Lord, Ahlul-Bayt(as), and Imams(as)? How do we help our children along their spiritual path when this message is not reinforced in the larger society?

Quran in Daily Life:

 The missing link on how to raise children Islamically

Although the Quran and Ahlulbayt must be our golden standard in approaching all aspects of life, their guidance holds ultimate significance in regards to raising the next generation of Islam’s flagbearers. This workshop will discuss Islamic prescriptions for successfully raising children based on their various development stages as necessary for their felicity both in this world as well as the hereafter.


Building  Blocks of an Islamic Community in a Secular World

The goal of this micro-course is to help identify and explain what a desired community, from an Islamic point of view looks like. Using Islamic philosophical theories, this course hopes to address the role of an individual in this life, how that role should be fulfilled, and how it relates to other individuals within the community.

Mizan Micro-Course

Negotiating Religious Doubt in the Age of Occultation: Causes, Prevention, and Remedies

As the title suggests, this micro-course is intended to help younger Muslim better appreciate what the Islamic attitude towards doubt is, the difference between ‘constructive’ and ‘destructive’ doubt, what the roots of many doubts are (in an effort to prevent their influence), and, finally, the broad practical strategies that serve to reduce the presence of destructive doubts and increase constructive doubts in our lives. 

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle for Balanced Mental Health and Stress Management


An interactive workshop exploring how to apply practical lifestyle changes to maintain good mental health; how to manage stress, coping strategies as well as ending with a mindfulness relaxation meditation!

Developing Islamic Counseling Theories and Clinical Practice in a University and Community Setting

We will explore the various Islamic Counseling (IC) theories and practices that are currently applied for the use of Muslim and non-Muslim practitioners for the ever increasing Muslim student population in post-secondary institutions due to immigration and refugee influx. 

What is Mental Health, Well-being & Counseling in the Muslim Community?

Mental health and wellness 101: this presentation will explore the mental health taboos and misconceptions within the Muslim community, various mental health issues, understanding what counseling is and how to ask for support and getting the proper help.



In this workshop, let us explore the phenomenon of why people are turning away from Masjids in growing numbers. What are the causes behind this trend and what are some things that we can do to fix this problem. If this trend continues, what is the future of the Muslim community going to look like in the West?

Share the light.


First ever platform to give Muslims an opening to express their ideas and insights on a national stage. Powerful presentations conducted by you in under 12 minutes!

First place prize $1000

Application deadline: November 15, 2019

Open to all ages

Participate or come watch the amazing talent within our community

MSA PSG Marriage Workshops

MSA PSG is dedicated to providing religious content related to Marriage, Family, and Children. The content includes but not limited to: general marriage and family  workshops, single’s halaqa, panel discussions matchmaking services , parenting workshops, and much more. This year we will be providing two workshop regarding marriage and spouse selection. Please see below for more information

9th Annual

Quran Competition

What role does the Quran play in our life and how acquainted are we with its heavenly verses? Although we can never do justice to this guide for humanity, it is our responsibility to compete with one another in reaping the blessings and wisdom from the Holy Quran.

In an attempt to further engage our communities with the Quranic teachings, we invite you to join this year’s annual MSA-PSG Quran competition! Whether it is through memorization, interpretation, or recitation, your participation will help inspire many others to partake in the journey of building strong bonds with the Quran.

Memorization (Hifdh)
Surah Age Group
4 Qul Verses 3-6
Al-Waqi’a 7-15
1 Juz 16+
Recitation (Qira'at)
Surah Age Group
Al-Qalam and Al-Mulk 7-15
All of the Qur’an 16+
Interpretation (Mafaheem)
Surah Age Group
Yaseen All

Educational Entertainment

Children’s Program

For Children 4-10 Years of Age – A fun and educational environment for our youngest brothers and sisters



Invited Guests



We have many brothers and sisters with wide ranging talents and passions: arts, crafts, Islamic books and community outreach activities to name a few. Come and see what they have to offer or reserve a table to showcase your creativity today!

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