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Sheikh Usama Abdulghani

The Lifespan of a Marriage: A Generational Overview

Dear respected brother or sister.
Assalaamu Alaikum! 

MSAPSG IS excited to be hosting two  marriage workshops this year: 

  • The Lifespan of a Marriage: A Generational Overview  
  • 5th annual Single’s Halaqa: An Educational Approach.
    The Marriage Interview: Important Questions to ask When Selecting a Spouse
The first program will be a general marriage workshop that will be open to all, whether you are single, married, young parents, grandparents and for all all ages etc. you are welcome to join and benefit insha’Allah. In this workshop, brothers and sisters will be separated. Throughout this session, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the various issues in marriage and spouse selection and how they have changed overtime. Furthermore, we will be discussing possible solutions according to the teachings of the Prophet (S) and Ahlulbayt (AS) that can help the marriage of young couples to withstand the test of time.

Please note that if you are single and do not wish to attend single’s halaqa, you can still join this workshop and benefit inshallah!

Below is a detailed description of our 5th annual Single’s Halaqa: An Educational Approach workshop and what to expect insha’Allah.









5th Annual

Singles Halaqa

An Educational Approach 

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What is Single’s Halaqa?

Throughout the Single’s Halaqa session, single brothers and sisters will have the opportunity to discuss with each other common issues regarding marriage and spousal selection in a safe and intellectual environment. Discussions will be in the presence of a well respected scholar, Sheikh Usama Abdulghani, where he will be guiding and answering any questions throughout the session. The topic of this year’s session will be regarding the questions that should be asked during the process of selecting a spouse. 

The discussion that will be occurring during Single’s Halaqa will be directly related to the information shared in our first workshop “The Lifespan of a Marriage: A Generational Overview” . There will no longer be a speech during our sessions. Therefore, it is highly recommended and encouraged for single brothers and single sisters to attend our first workshop before attending Single’s Halaqa. The session will consist of several “HalaQas” or discussion circles in which each group, alongside a facilitator, will be discussing specific subjects in an intellectual and scholarly manner. 

Attention: the age range for these discussions are between 18-40 years of age. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 18  must retrieve parental consent before attending these sessions.

Please take note: This program is not direct matchmaking program. However, if there is an interest in speaking to someone you may fill out the “communication request form” that will be located near the entrance of the room and slip it into the locked box. This box will only be accessible to the directors of the program, and they will contact you to initiate the process as soon as they can. 

 **In order to protect brothers and sisters’ privacy  during the conference, we encourage participants to use a third party to initiate contact if there is interest in speaking with someone further and do not wish to go through Single’s Halaqa. 

For this program, registration is required and seats are limited! There is also a consent form that needs to be signed before participating in the program so please make sure you read it carefully and sign it agreeing to our terms. If you are interested in joining please continue on to fill out the application below.


How many sessions of Single’s Halaqa are there?

This year we will only be having one session however in addition to single’s halaqa, we are hosting another marriage workshop that is open to all ages. Please click here for more information.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Unfortunately, no. Registration is required. We close registration half an hour before session starts. Once session begins we will no longer be accepting new applicants.

Can parents attend single’s halaqa?

No, single’s halaqa is meant to be only for single brothers and sisters. This year we are hosting another marriage workshop that is open to all generations. Please click here for more details.

Will we get an opportunity to talk with everyone in the session?

Yes, the workshop has three segments and after every 20 minutes of discussion there will be a rotation.

Will the groups be based on age, gender, ethnicity or education?

No, the workshop is a platform to learn about perspectives of different people about marriage not matching people together. Groups will be mixed randomly.

What’s the purpose of the consent form? Do I have to sign it ?

The purpose of the consent form is to ensure that brothers and sisters understand that there are boundaries that need present when discussing with each other. The consent form needs to be signed to be able to participate in discussions.

Will there be a matchmaking program at this years conference?

No, this year we are not hosting a matchmaking program , however single’s halaqa provides communication request forms that individuals may fill out and insert it in a locked box with which the directors will help in initiating contact.

What’s the difference between a matchmaking program and Single’s Halaqa?

The difference between matchmaking programs and single’s halaqa is:

  • In a matchmaking program coordinators take an active role in looking through applications and finding potential matches.
  • In Single’s Halaqa, the focus is on education and discussion to help brothers and sisters reflect on what is important to them when it comes to finding a spouse.
  • Single’s Halaqa coordinators do not take an active role in matching individuals and instead leaves it for for them to decide whether they want to pursue or not.
What if I want to approach someone without using the communication request form?

That’s totally fine ! We just please kindly request you use a third party to initiate contact. Please don’t approach directly.

I registered but didn’t get confirmation email , should I be expecting one?

Yes, you should. Please check your spam if you didn’t receive any confirmation. If you still can’t find it please contact us at singleshalaqa@msapsg.org.

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Now that the details of  the program have been explained, please fill out the information below and help us get to know you! NOTE: All information you provide us will be strictly confidential and will be shredded one week after the conference. 

 After filling out the application please make sure to stop by at the registration desk to sign a consent form.

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